Closing schools

On 18 March 2020, the Education Secretary announced schools would be closed for the vast majority of pupils until further notice. 


Following a statement by the Foreign Secretary, people should avoid all non-essential foreign travel to tackle the spread of coronavirus. These travel restrictions will be in place for 30 days initially but could be extended further.

Virtual Surgeries


Given the current circumstances with Coronavirus, I have decided to postpone face-to-face surgeries. However, this does not mean myself and my team are not available to help. We have a solution!

Coronavirus - Viral Kindness

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Over the coming weeks and months, many people will be self-isolating, and not everyone has a support network of family and friends to help them out. 

Coronavirus: Don't stockpile!

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In recent days, none of us will have escaped the headlines showing shops with empty shelves with people stockpiling everything from toilet rolls to pasta.