About Theo

I’m Theo Clarke and I’m running to be your next Conservative MP in Bristol East.

I grew up in neighbouring Gloucestershire and studied at Bristol University, so for many years I have been passionate about this City. I currently live near Stockwood and, up until recently, I owned a small business. I am not a career politician but a person driven to help improve the lives of everyone in Bristol East.

I first decided to go into local politics because I believe it's about time we had people who have had real world experience and jobs outside of Westminster. It was there I started to understand the true value of Government and how it affects our everyday lives. Through running my own small business, I understand the problems associated with running your own company and creating jobs. Therefore, if I become your MP in Bristol East, one of my first priorities is to tackle unemployment head on. I'm a Conservative because I believe we are the Party of aspiration who support those who want to work hard and get on in life. I’m determined that everyone in our area has access to the best opportunities. 

Aside from local issues, another interest of mine lies in International Development. Before the election campaign, I was the Director of the Conservative Friends of International Development where I had been working to promote the Government's Global Britain agenda. I also led the Conservative Party's international social action project in Africa.  The end goal is help developing countries to grow their own economies so they are more self-sustainable and less reliant on foreign aid.

As a proud member of Theresa May’s team, I want to provide a strong voice and leadership for Bristol East in a strong a stable Government that will deliver for you and your family. I will work with the Government to deliver on issues that matter to our community, from investing in local services, providing affordable homes and protecting green spaces, to creating jobs, improving our transport and boosting our local economy.

I am the only candidate backed by Theresa May with a proven record of bring Ministers to Bristol East to champion local issues. I care deeply about this community and I am determined to secure the right deal for Bristol East as I support Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations. 

If elected by you on June 8th, I pledge to fight everyday to make life better for you and your family. Politics is ultimately about getting stuff done nationally and locally. I will fight for services we need in Bristol East.