Why Bristol East Matters

Your vote in Bristol East will decide who is Prime Minister on June 8th.

Our community is vital to Theresa May's victory. Bristol East is currently the most marginal constituency Bristol with Labour having won the seat with just 3,980 votes. To stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister of a chaotic coalition government, Theo needs to win here in Bristol East.

Some people say that Jeremy Corbyn can't possibly become Prime Minister, but that's simply not true. The opinion polls got the General Election wrong in 2015, they got the EU Referendum wrong and as Jeremy Corbyn has said himself, he was a 200-1 outside chance of winning the Labour leadership.

There is so much at stake for Bristol East.

This election is our chance to deliver the strong and stable government that we need to see us through Brexit and beyond. Theresa may needs our support to enter the brevet negotiations with the best possible hand, to keep our local economy strong and our country safe.

As a proud member of Theresa May's team, I will be a strong voice for our community in her Government. If elected, I have a plan to work with her Government to secure investment for our local transport infrastructure, I'll bang the drum for Bristol businesses to keep our economy growing and create for local jobs, and I'll work to protect our local green spaces and greenbelt.

The only way to ensure Theresa May stays as Prime Minister, to negotiate the best possible Brexit deal, to keep our economy strong and our country safe, is to vote Conservative locally in Bristol East.

Every vote for the Labour candidate, Kerry McCarthy, puts Jeremy Corbyn one step closer to becoming Prime Minister.