Theo Clarke MP, Coronavirus Update

Theo Clarke MP for Stafford has reassured residents that she is doing everything that she can to support them at his time. 

Ms Clarke has spoken to County Hospital, Stafford’s Local Resilience Forum and Staffordshire Police for an update on what resources they need.

She has raised the lack of Personal Protective Equipment for key workers in Stafford directly with the Home Secretary and Department for Health.

Ms Clarke has also contacted Foreign Office on behalf of numerous residents stranded overseas to help bring them home.

As well as speaking to key local stakeholders about emergency planning including Stafford County Council and Stafford Borough Council.

She has raised the need for increased support for local businesses and the self employed.

Ms Clarke has Contacted NFU regarding extra support for local farmers, including fruit and vegetable producers, and spoken to DEFRA about how to increase food supply chains.

She has talked to local supermarkets regarding current stock and raised with Government need to lift restrictions to ensure increased deliveries.

Ms Clarke held a virtual surgery to directly discuss concerns with local Stafford residents.

She met with HS2 Minister to raise compensation for individual cases.

Ms Clarke also did an interview about Coronavirus and public distancing guidelines with Stafford FM.

As well as keeping in touch with local Councillors and MHCLG about how to ensure we can get food deliveries to vulnerable people.

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